All You Need to Know About Drug Testing



Some companies require that potential employees get tested for drugs and alcohol before they are employed. If the state law permits some of companies, they will test for drugs and alcohol during employment as well. It is vital that you know what the different employment-related drug and alcohol tests employers carry out. When the employer is making the decision of whether to hire you or not, they will consider the results of the pre-employment drug and alcohol screening. The industries regulated by the Department of Transportation are required to ensure that their employers do not test positive for drugs and alcohol when working. How and when the employer can conduct the drug tests is regulated by some of the states.


Blood drug and alcohol tests may also be used when job applicants are screened for illegal drugs. The amount of alcohol and drugs in the blood at the time it is being drawn is what the blood test will measure. The drugs that are usually tested for include cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines and opiates. You will be tested for roughly the past three months when the employer does a hair drug test. Another fact about the hair drug test is the current use of drugs will not be detected but the ones used in the past will be. Alcohol will not be detected by the hair drug tests but cocaine, opiates and marijuana will be seen. For more facts about drug testing, visit this at


The potential employee’s saliva will be swabbed from their mouth to do the mouth swab drug and alcohol tests. Usually, this test will detect drugs used up to the past two days. Among all the other tests, this is the least invasive and is simpler. Urine drug and alcohol testing for employment are the most commonly used tests.  Any residue of drugs will be detected in the urine analysis even if you have worn off the effects. Nicotine, cocaine, methamphetamines and opiates are some of the drugs that are screened for in a urine drug test.


You will not have to worry about drugs in your system if you do not use drugs in the first place. Drugs will remain in your system because of a number of factors. There will be traces of the drug in the drug test depending on the metabolism of the person and how concentrated the drug is. The drug test will come out either negative or positive depending on how frequently you used the drugs. If your test will be positive or negative will depend on the type and sensitivity of the drug test. It is worth noting that even if you try to undermine the test, if the employer has a comprehensive onsite drug and alcohol testing program, the drugs will be detected.